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Mason Daring is a critically acclaimed film and TV composer and Jeanie Stahl a premier vocalist. In the 70's the Boston Globe dubbed them the "darlings of the folk scene." They recorded two albums together and garnered national attention with Mason's original song, Marblehead Morning.

Mason went on to become an award winning composer for 75 motion pictures and mini-series. His credits include the scores for sixteen of John Sayles' movies, including The Secret of Roan Inish, Eight Men Out, Matewan and Lone Star. His TV scores include the long-playing themes for PBS's Nova and Frontline. His major film credits include, among others, From Earth to the Moon, The Opposite of Sex, Music of the Heart and Where the Heart Is.

 Jeanie continued performing as a featured vocalist including starring in music videos for TV's Masterpiece Theatre as well as recordings for films for John Sayles and the cult hit, The Opposite of Sex. She recorded several solo albums on the Daring Records label.

Their new album, 40, celebrates 40-years of musical collaboration. The CD reflects their interest in a broad range of musical styles. The beautiful production reflects their deep experience in writing, arranging, vocal harmonies and, along with a stellar group of musicians, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Daring and Stahl are also part of the Passim All Stars, which includes Bill Staines, Bill Novick and Guy Van Duser and Stuart Schulman.

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Mason and Jeanie’s most recent album entitled, 40, celebrates 40 years of their musical collaboration. The album reflects their interest in a broad range of styles, from contemporary folk, original songs and country, to classics from the 30's and 40's. 

The stellar cast of musicians includes guitar virtuosos Duke Levine and Kevin Barry, Billy Novick, Bill Staines, Richard Gates on bass and Dave Mattacks on drums. 


Mike Regenstreif: Editor, writer and broadcaster
From Mike Regaenstreif's Folks Roots/Folk Branches blog at frfb.blogspot.com/2015_05_01_archive.html

...Mason and Jeanie still sound great together...There's a timelessness to the songs on the album and originals like Mason's "Too Much" and Jeanie's "The Ring" stand tall next to the classics...Forty is a delightful listen from start to finish...

Steve Morse: Boston Globe staff music critic for 28 years and teacher at Berklee College of Music

Talk about a long hiatus! Mason Daring & Jeanie Stahl were folk luminaries back in the '70s, opening ears with their classic song "Marblehead Morning." They then took a long break -- Mason to compose music for films, Jeanie to perform for PBS and start a museum-planning business — but 35 years later they have reunited and recaptured their youth with a sterling new album. It is a beautiful work of art, featuring five original songs rich in wisdom, experience and graceful harmony vocals, along with festive covers from Bob Wills' "San Antonio Rose" to Roger Miller's "King of the Road." There remains a magic to their collaboration and they're augmented by an A-team of Boston all-stars...it's great to see Mason and Jeanie making such sweet music together once again.




Other albums by Mason or Jeanie also available at CDBaby,  iTunes, Amazon and more.

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